Greenup Township Public Library

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Board Minutes

Board Minutes

Greenup Township Library Board minutes

December 19, 2016

I.                      The Greenup Township Library Board met in regular session at 4:00 pm with the meeting called to order by President Beverly Kuhn.  Other trustees present were:  Becky White, Rosie Chancellor, Treasurer Dan Carr, and Secretary Bob Blade.  Trustee Sid Stone was absent.  Director Deb Sherrick was also present.

II.                   There was no public comment.

III.                 A motion to approve the November minutes was made by Kuhn, seconded by Carr, and passed.

IV.                The Treasurer’s report was presented with the need to transfer $5,000 to the operations account.  The Hayden grant will be reflected in the January report.  All bills are paid and there are no known outstanding invoices.  White moved acceptance of the Treasurer’s report, Chancellor seconded, and the motion passed.

V.                  The Director’s report showed a circulation of 519 items and revenues of $62.25 from copies, faxes, and fines.  Many patrons came in to observe the nativity sets on display.  The new color copier is much appreciated.  The bathroom faucets have been replaced.

VI.                Old Business

A.       There was no change made to the meeting date policy.

B.      The faucets have been replaced.

VII.               New Business

A.       The tax levy submitted to the Country Treasurer reflects a 4.9% increase.  Blade moved acceptance of the levy, Kuhn seconded, and the motion passed.

VIII.              With no other business before the Board, White moved adjournment, Chancellor seconded, and the motion passed.

The next meeting will be January 23, 2017, at 4:00 pm.